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Final Seed Update For 2022!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We are getting back to weekly seed updates. We have had some time off for holidays and rest from sickness. But we are ready to be back at it for 2023!!

33.81- Ariocarpus retusus A
33.82- Ariocarpus retusus B- (Pkts and 100’s)
33.84- Ariocarpus retusus D
33.86 – Ariocarpus retusus F
83.694- Copiapoa cinerea KK77
83.78- Copiapoa cinerea ssp. columna-alba KK611
339.4- Echinomastus mariposensis
359.6- Epithelantha micromeris
381.2- Escobaria hesteri
384- Escobaria minima SB 423
385.5- Escobaria orcuttii
396- Escobaria sneedii SB730 (100’s)
416.72- Ferocactus chrysacanthus (pkts and 100’s)
416.94- Ferocactus acanthodes ‘cylindraceus’ var. eastwoodiae (100’s)
725.1- Mammillaria lasiacantha SB1063
1187.68- Pyrrhocactus umadeave (pkts and 100’s)