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Seed Update 1/28/2023

1412.5 Conophytum calculus
1449.19 Conophytum ratum Onder Namies, Namakwa SA. flat green blobs

1547 Lithops aucampiae C48a ‘bella ketty’ yellow top, lined rim
1547.1 Lithops aucampiae “Open Window” a brown bella ketty
1549.1 Lithops aucampiae v fluminalis cv. ‘Green River’ C54a
1561.3 Lithops bromfieldii v insularis cv. Sulphurea C362 green monster
1616.38 Lithops hookeri var. dabneri cv ‘Annarosa’ rough green body
1651.5 Lithops lesliei ssp. lesliei v. rubrobrunnea C17 reddish grey body
1671.41 Lithops meyeri cv Hammeruby SB1125A Hilda Pk flats, ruby red
1709.4 Lithops salicola cv Sato’s Violet “Bacchus” face is deep red wine colored
1730.02 Lithops steineckeana C388 monstrose unstable hybrid
1731.567 Lithops terricolor cv Speckled Gold C345A golden green background

1817.2 Pleiospilos bolusii PV294 w Miller
1835 Pleiospilos simulans wide flat gaping leaf pair

1840.97 Rabiea albipuncta se Bethulie, OFS, red leaves in winter
1841.82 Rabiea species /18/ (cold hardy down to 10f) Glen, robust, sharply angled leaves
1841.83 Rabiea species North of Dassiesfontein

1846 Rhombophyllum nelii /17/ (cold hardy down to 15f) Kruidfontein, vigorous, yellow flower
1846.1 Rhombophyllum rhomboideum Motherwell, driftwood caudex, white edged leaf

1846.6 Ruschia biformis SB817 Bloutoring, tiny sharp leaf, bold spots
1852.28 Ruschia elevata SB1360 /17/ (cold hardy down to 15f) Stofkloof, delightful texture

1854 Schwantesia loeschiana short thick rounded leaves, compact
1858 Schwantesia ruedebuschii /17/(cold hardy down to 15f) leaves have many teeth on ends
1860.01 Schwantesia triebneri Namies, Pofadder, tapered leaf with pink point
1860.02 Schwantesia triebneri e Pofadder, very floriferous

1960.77 Nolina texana /17/ (cold hardy down to 15f) small flowers on dense panicle

1964.3484 Pelargonium vitifolium large lobed hairy leaves

1971.59 Sophora gypsophila v guadalupensis /17/ (cold hardy down to 15f) Guadalupe Mts NM, CoralBean