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Seed Update for 2/4/2023

Our Seed update for 2/4/2023! Have a great weekend everyone!!

246.83 Echinocereus rayonensis
953.39 Mammillaria wrightii

1425.57 Conophytum obscurum Hogsback, like ricardianum!
1428.5 Conophytum bilobum var. linearilucidum
1430.4 Conophytum maughanii Japanese cultivar
1430.43 Conophytum maughanii Naip road, ghostly pale
1430.48 Conophytum maughanii Platberg, s Pofadder, dark red!
1430.5 Conophytum maughanii ssp armeniacum Maerpoort, red plums
1436 Conophytum obcordellum ‘multicolor’ angled reddish bodies
1439.01 Conophytum pageae PV1380 sw Garies, tiny heads, bold red smile fissure

1541.996 Lithops aucampiae Vlakfontein, maroon channels, dense lines
1550.53 Lithops aucampiae ssp. Aucampiae CV Betty’s Beryl C389 light yellow green, white fl
1562 Lithops bromfieldii v mennellii C44 grey brown top, red lines
1566 Lithops dinteri ssp frederici C180 minute white spotted bodies
1568.2 Lithops divergens C269 /C/ tiny green body
1592.04 Lithops fulviceps var. laevigata nn ne Pofadder, bold spots
1595.6 Lithops geyeri SB2196 Nababiep Reserve, mottled light green
1616.3 Lithops hookeri var. dabneri C13 dark red lines
1616.58 Lithops hookeri var. marginata C338 fine reddish lines
1645 Lithops lesliei ‘luteoviridis’ C20 mysterious green shades
1701 Lithops ruschiorum C101 pale grey, few red lines
1728.1 Lithops schwantesii ‘triebneri’ Seeds ex EH (1st time offered by MG)
1774 Lithops werneri C188 tiny with red lines